Masculine energy feminine energy dating

Masculine men are attracted to feminine traits they love strong women who know when to turn on their feminine energy when you connect with your feminine energy, you provide an open and nurturing environment for love to flourish. And for the ladies, if you are a masculine energy lady, know that you must be open to a feminine energy man if not, then beware of bringing that masculine energy you need to express at work to the date be like clark kent, and leave the superwoman cape at the office. And, the masculine energy can totally light up the feminine energy the feminine energy is never truly free unless and until the masculine energy shows up for real, and is ready and willing to protect and serve. Maybe you naturally live more in a masculine energy state, and therefore a feminine energy mate is a better fit ask yourself what type of energy you truly want to attract, and then play your role accordingly play your role if you want to attract masculine energy, then allow potential partners to play that role. There are so many rules regarding bringing your feminine energy to the dating world they float through the internet, radio, and television and make it increasingly difficult to know exactly what the world expects.

Why feminine energy is kryptonite for men this topic has always intrigued me men tend to like soft, feminine women and women are often drawn to a bit more rough, alpha-male typed man. As a dating coach for women over 40, i know that many great single gals have lost touch with their feminine side you’ve gotten great at business and career, which require traditional masculine energy. It’s about bonding, connecting, family, dating labels, relationship labels, being very feminine wearing dresses and allowing the other person to lead in this case, you feel more feminine and your partner tends to be a little more masculine that’s feminine energy masculine energy is certain it knows exactly what it is i. If you are, then you need to get rid of a lot of that masculine energy when you are in the dating world women who have a lot of masculine energy need to dress more sexy they need to put themselves out there a little bit more do you know what masculine energy is masculine energy in a woman can be a woman who is very successful in her career.

“a masculine woman is a woman with a strong masculine energy, who looks, behaves and speaks like a man” – sebastian harris, 31012016 just like the dark side was too strong in the young anakin skywalker, the masculine side was too strong in the young ronda rousey. What is feminine energy feminine and masculine are two life forces they both need each other to exist neither is inferior or superior to the other both are needed to keep the fabric of society -and life in general- intact the feminine woman needs the masculine male sadly, the concept of feminine energy is often misunderstood as subjugation or being a doormat. In the first scenario, the feminine energy is high and the masculine energy is low but the couple is easily able to restore the imbalance however, in the second scenario, the masculine energy is high and the feminine energy is low, and challenges arise. Any human being lacking in either of what you call masculine or feminine energy, which is really just human traits, is going to be lacking and imbalanced, characterised by a lack of personal power or the need to be dominant over the other.

Feminine energy is the most attractive thing to alpha type masculine energy men if you learn how to be in your feminine energy you will start to see a huge shift in the type of men you attract and the lengths they will go to in order to be with you. This energy plays a major role in our lives and our relationships today we are going to talk about what it means to have masculine and feminine energy and why it is important in dating masculine energy is all about action, giving, decision- making, and problem solving, and assertiveness. Tags: codependent relationships, featured, feminine, feminine energy, feminine power, femininity, masculinity, sacred feminine, single black women category : society and culture if you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Evan marc katz feminine energy is receptive masculine energy is aggressive men do women receive this is not to say that women can’t “do” but rather that this is typically “masculine” energy, and if you want to be with a masculine guy, he’s going to be more attracted to your feminine side.

Masculine energy feminine energy dating

That’s not feminine energy – that is controlling, rigid, unyielding masculine energy and while these examples focus on the woman’s force exerted on other people, this dynamic also applies to how she treats her self and what expectations she sets upon the universe. Feminine energy helps us know whether a man is going to be interested in us as a woman with a capital w or as a colleague or friend if you want to get out of the ‘friend zone’, then you’re going to want to lead with your feminine energy (unless you want a man who leads with his feminine energy. Feminine energy is nothing but bullshit deborrah | 02/01/2017 | comments (5) i’ve been hearing men and women talk about feminine energy and its power quite lot over the past few months. You’ve honed in on your masculine energy to help take charge but you find yourself burned out, tired, and out of balance this is occurring because your feminine and masculine energies are out of balance.

The idea of all men being masculine and women being feminine is broken some men and women will fall into the stereotype there are men with masculine energy being their strength and women with feminine energy being their strength the traditional viewpoint is still valid however, being a feminine man or a masculine woman is not a weakness. Masculine man needs to feel that feminine energy when he is with a woman if a woman constantly dressed up in t-shirt and jean for a date, he is just not feeling her feminine energy at all sadly to say that i think a few of my relationships ended because the guys did not feel my feminine energy to remain attracted to me -. However, author is mistaken in assuming that masculine energy is solely present in men and feminine energy is solely present in women actually, every individual regardless of gender embodies both energies therefore, women should embrace masculine energy and men should embrace feminine energy within themselves. The masculine energy drives the game and the feminine energy begins to get frustrated and angry, and maybe even resentful the feminine creativity is being dampened because she was very excited about the beach house.

Masculine energy may lead with action, but feminine energy leads with feeling, and this is a critical aspect of any connection visit womenlovepowercom twitter: ayeshakfaines ig @women_love_power. See, feminine energy is the polar opposite of masculine energy for a romantic relationship to flourish, there must be the infusion of both feminine and masculine energy to it. The masculine and feminine poles between people create a flow of sexual energy in motion in romantic relationships , polarity shows up as masculine and feminine energy we all have a combination of both energies within us, but we all feel more aligned to one over the other.

Masculine energy feminine energy dating
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